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  • Subject APF0002aql

    Hi there, no the dark marks are due to plumes of dust being blown by the wind and settling on the surface - here you see 2 wind directions

  • Subject APF0001oel

    Hi it's a camera glitch, the images are image from a composite using 3 different filters - part of the data is missing from the mix here

  • Subject APF0001f3o

    almost #yardangs - Sun top right???

  • Subject APF0001ens

    The fans are coming out of linear cracks - thats why they look cut off, but the cut of is the origin of the fan. can be tricky to mark these

  • Subject APF0001hz1

    the 'interesting" star mark doesn't show on the board so not clear what you are looking at but the blotches don't persist from year to year

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