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  • Subject APF00007v6

    these ridges have rocks? in on & all around them,where ridges fade,a distinct lack of rocks ! groupings of rocks sit in pale blue blotches

  • Subject APF0000od7

    all over this picture fine wriggly ridges run in all directions and look to have formed on top of the heavy prominent "tramlines".

  • Subject APF0000pfc

    looks like some formations,ridges? take a near perfect right angle turn,trick of the light ?

  • Subject APF0000j81

    on few images random blue spots as in this 1 top right seem out of context (if thats possible on this planet ) is it pixels or planet ?

  • Subject APF0000skz

    all over this picture are smaller finer swiggles? pity we cant zoom in .

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