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  • Subject APF0002iea

    #Fans --- imaged jumped to finished from finished on the previous image. I was only able to mark these as blotches.They are clearly fans.

  • Subject APF0002gra

    The marking software will not work properly. I cannot draw out today 31 Oct 2018 11:12 pm GMT (7:12 pm U.S. EDT)

  • Subject APF0002gim

    #Meg this is marked with the glitch examples per request.

  • Subject APF0002eg4

    #Fans the marking software multi-stamps. Windows 10 Home; v1703; build 15063.850 processor N3060 160GHZ 64b; Google version 68.0.3440.84.

  • Subject APF0001a91

    Looks like sublimation only. To many visible surface details to be venting deposition.

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