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  • Subject APF000094q

    can surrounding images too be shown, If so then these might be the FOLDS (as of earth) DUE TO WIND ACTION SAME AS ZEUGEN OR YARDANG ON EARTH

  • Subject APF000094q

    Are these-soil covered rockyfaults continually eroding by seen cold white CO2 mixed water and being heated by day's strong sun?

  • Subject APF00003jv

    the martian soil surface contracts at frigid night but expands at warm day and this must have caused such streaks on land.

  • Subject APF00003jv

    is it poor humid soil's erosion phenomena ? if yes it must be due to continued contraction and expansion of martian surface at night and day

  • Subject APF0000www

    the light which are glowing by uv radiation seem to be given off by pluming gases as it approaches low pressure surface causing it to spread

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