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Notes for Posting

  • wassock by wassock moderator

    When Post any cropped images please include the URL of the main HiRise page that your crop is taken from.

    If you are cropping images you need to store your image somewhere on line such as dropbox so that you can reference it and include it in your post. To do this you need to get the location URL for the image, and paste it into the box that appears when you click on the little polaroid photo icon above.

    NB for the image posted below the dropbox link is To make it work as an embedded image you have to edit it to - changing the "www" to "dl". If you have problems with this please message me.

    For this image of Boulders rolling into a crater the HiRise page which gives all the details about the image like when it was taken,latitude and longitude etc is here

    enter image description here


  • edoxnard by edoxnard

    Lost Beagle2 probe found 'intact' on Mars

    Hi Guys I'm not sure if we are allowed to post this sort of stuff on here. If its not allowed please remove.

    Many thanks Ed


  • DZM by DZM admin in response to edoxnard's comment.

    @edoxnard , definitely allowed (and thanks for sharing!), but it'd probably be better as a new post on the "Just Chatting" board:

    Perhaps put it there? (And then I can remove the post here.)



  • p.titchin by p.titchin

    Hi DZM, I am a total old luddite, and so I would love to know how I can 'collect' such an image as the one you posted., (within P4) Great image for a 'boulder freak' like me. 'I can 'screenshot', etc, but it seems to me it would be good if within P4, if we can exchange images from P4 and HiRISE from the urls without having to go off site to get them. (see, I said I was a Luddite* :-)~ Pete


  • wassock by wassock moderator

    Pete if you know the url for the image you can just put it into a post with the 'polaroid' tool above the comment box.

    • the url for my avatar is to find that right click on the image (or any other image on a web page) and then choose "copy image url" NB just be wary of copyright issues when doing this if you are taking images from more commercial sources.

    So using the polaroid too and pasting the url we just copied we get I've never been able to get the [enter description here] bit to work so just ignore that.

    I'm using dropbox as an intermediary for most of my images because I'm cropping them and the internet can't find image files on my hard drive (I hope not least ways) and so I have to put then somewhere that has a URL address that can be found by a web page. Also there are display limitations on here and to display even a normal HiRise image correctly you need to downsize it. Drop box is an easy way of doing it (apart from the "dl" for "www" issue but I could put it on a page on my own website just as easily.

    Have you tried this "Tag group" gizmo yet? Seems there are 170 images tagged boulder/boulders!