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Hello again all

  • wassock by wassock moderator

    Been away for a while, retirement beckons and a return to the boards!
    Meantime the people at HiRise have just responded to a imaging request I made some while back with this one
    The item of interest is about a quarter way in from the right and is fairly obvious. Not looked at any of this seriously for a while so I find I've lost my sense of perspective. Anyone help me out with if this is a hill or a hole, can't figure where the sun is and too idle to work it out at the moment.

    enter image description here


  • p.titchin by p.titchin

    Hi Wassock! Good to hear from you. SIA is 68 degrees + sun 22 degrees above the horizon, so a crater I think, lit from the right, right edge of crater throwing a shadow across the depression. ~ pete


  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist, translator in response to wassock's comment.

    Welcome back! Congratulations on the next phase. Thanks for sharing your HiWISH image .



    PS.Also many thanks to Kitharode for holding down the fort.


  • Kitharode by Kitharode moderator in response to wassock's comment.

    Ay Oop. Glad to see you back here. I'm with Pete when he suggests crater.

    Meg: The P4 fort holds itself down. Must have the politest, most helpful, and friendly volunteers on Zooniverse. 😃