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Special Zooniverse Event in Chicago on October 13

  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist, translator


    The Zooniverse is hosting a free event at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago*on Friday, October 13 from 6-10pm. Details should also be in your inbox, but I've posted them below as well.

    Details from Laura Trouille (@trouille) Zooniverse Co-I:

    From 7-8pm we’ll have a series of talks and Q&A with Zooniverse project research leads** and our Adler-Zooniverse web development team showcasing the impact of your amazing efforts. We’ll also highlight Zooniverse volunteer Emily Temple-Wood’s inspiring crowdsourced effort to address Wikipedia’s scientific gender gap.

    In addition to the 7-8pm special event, from 6-10pm you’re invited to check out all the other fun (and free) activities and programs planned for the coincident Adler member’s night, including a Q&A with astronaut Terry Virt, night sky observing in the Doane Observatory, creating your own spooky space jams, a Zooniverse scavenger hunt, and more.

    Again, the event is free to all Zooniverse volunteers. When you arrive at the Adler, just show the staff your signed-in screen on your phone or a print-out from home. That’s how the Adler staff will know you’re a Zooniverse volunteer.