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  • rebekahal by rebekahal

    New to this and have just come across a pic of yardangs. How should they be classified? It's the entire image.
    Many thanks.


  • wassock by wassock moderator

    Hi Rebekahal, you don't need to classify the yardangs here, if you want to mark the image as containing them (or any other feature you find interesting) then when you finish marking it take the "discuss" option and you'll be able to write something about the image there. If you just want to log it as a yardang image then just enter a #yardang. #anything will attach a tag which will help to group the images with similar features. If it's a particularly interesting image you can also open up a discussion about it from the same interface.
    btw when you are discussing an image it helps everyone to see what you're talking about, including the reference number (usually APFxxxxx) for the image will insert a link to it into your post -