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A different way of looking at things

  • wassock by wassock moderator

    Never really thought about it before, are the planetary orbits normal to the suns orbit?


  • p.titchin by p.titchin in response to wassock's comment.

    Great video find Wassock, this is the way I have looked at things for over 30 years, but beyond this the galaxy is revolving to provide more angular velocity + the galaxies move in respect of each other.. I tried for years to get my head round this and the effects on the 'space time' universe , and the effect this spiralling vortex for every mass object has on the distortion of space to eventually arise at 'gravity'. I confess my mind eventually 'boggled', and Ihave awaited the gurus like Brian Greene to explain in a way my pathetic mind can appreciate. No joy 😦 but I still visualise this helix like track through space for the individual masses within the universe. Such a pleasure to get back to Mars! 😃 ~Pete