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earth moments similar to mars

  • Mote by Mote

    I heard there was to be a looking for of volcanic activity here on the home globe to compare to mars (boulder formation), thought these liquid analogs might float!





  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist, translator in response to Mote's comment.

    Hi Mote,

    it's an interesting idea. The origin of the boulders is not completely solved.

    Mars isn't volcanic active on Mars anymore. There's much geologic evidence from orbit that it was volcanicly active much earlier on its history. The boulders are really only found in the Inca City region. It's the region we're currently focusing on. The thought it that the boulders might be formed after an impact. I think that jives better to constrict their location on the South Pole.

    Also interesting we know it's core is pretty much dead compared to the Earth's, that's where there is no magnetic field on Mars like on Earth. That requires a metallic liquid outer core, so the thought is it's outer core has cooled off enough on Mars to be solid




  • wassock by wassock moderator

    Following the 1st link above I found this - taken from the space station - Limpets anyone? enter image description here


  • p.titchin by p.titchin

    great image. I note Ushkovsky seems to have lost it's top! Also see pimples/lumps such as we see commented on in some images of Inca city in the terraine in the upper right of the view. ~Pete
    Whoops, I forgot to comment on -"limpets". Yes indeed Wassock, and don't those nice sharp triangular shadows look very familiar!
    Time for you Angi to start a chat on your thread! 😃


  • Mote by Mote

    a few more earth "boulders" (in case you haven't seen these yet) ...