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Off topic - but exploring of a different kind

  • Chocstar by Chocstar

    For those who enjoy exploring adventure games might like to look and help Cyan Inc makers of the Myst and Riven games make their dream come true in creating a new game Obduction... they are so close with only a few hours remaining


  • Kitharode by Kitharode moderator

    I did Myst a few years ago. It was wonderful, so this new idea will probably be fantastic. Time consuming though, so I'll probably stick with Planet Four and guitar playing. 😃


  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist, translator in response to Kitharode's comment.

    Thanks for giving P4 any of your playing time, we appreciate it 😄.




  • angi60 by angi60 in response to mschwamb's comment.

    I'm sure P4 is as addictive as gaming 😉 I'm certainly hooked!


  • Chocstar by Chocstar in response to Kitharode's comment.

    Well it'll be another 2 years before release so plenty more Mars exploring!