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The Name Game....or ...Just WHO are the "Faces of Mars"

  • AUricle by AUricle

    Ok explorers, let your imagination run wild here: of Mars50e73f865e2ed211dc00196e.jpg

    I marked up a few examples, but if you want the raw image, its right here;
    (Don't forget to zoom in a little if needed!)
    Let the games begin......


  • JellyMonster by JellyMonster

    Alfred Hitchcock is a dead ringer. I can also see 'Johann Sebastian Bach', the alien from 'Close Encounters' and a few skulls!


  • Wounded_Knee by Wounded_Knee

    The one youve labelled 4 looks like the dad from the Incredibles cartoon

    The blotch top left looks like a ghost being chased by the Pac Man.


  • Chocstar by Chocstar

    Top left blotch: what about the guy from the film Spaceballs ?
    But I like your PAcman ghost idea, nearest colour would be the cyan "Inky" 😉


  • AUricle by AUricle in response to Chocstar's comment.

    You mean..... Rick Moranis as " Dark Helmet"......LOL!

    I laugh just thinking about that movie.....


  • AUricle by AUricle in response to JellyMonster's comment.


    OK, alien is a slam-dunk!

    Hmmm.......Bach huh? it this one? 😉


  • JellyMonster by JellyMonster in response to AUricle's comment.

    Yeah but without the x-ray specs! - he is facing to the left. Draw an imaginary line, from AH to the right hand top corner... Bach is about halfway. There seems to be a lot of boxers in there as well (faces smashed to bits) 😃.


  • AUricle by AUricle in response to JellyMonster's comment.

    I see him.....just right of the frost patch.....that's a good interpretation, as most images of Bach seem to face right (his better side?)

    ...but when I marked up the image I left it alone......yeah that one jumps out at you, but I'll tell you what my impression of that face was.....

    Did you see the film "Cast Away" ...Tom Hanks?....(no not him )......his 'friend' "Wilson" (the volleyball), obviously also turned to be facing slightly left. Interesting that Wilson was also an "imagined" face..just like these ! 😃


  • Kitharode by Kitharode moderator

    Just wanted to congratulate you guys on this fascinating discussion. It makes a welcome change from some of the more frivolous threads that have been posted elsewhere. Well done. (I do find some of it hard, but I'm new to this sort of real science so I hope you'll post more). 😉


  • AUricle by AUricle in response to Kitharode's comment.

    Careful now, we wouldn't want your tongue to become permanently embedded in your cheek Kith 'ol boy!

    Hey, we're hard at it......multitasking even. Sure, sure, we're taking care of the hard stuff here, even counting fans and blotches throughout the southland!

    ...but we realize there is plenty of big game out there to be had. We're even thinking about carving out some time to help on that monster project of finding those elusive blue swimming "pools" of the Martian Rich & Famous, that you're now involved in! Never fear, help IS "on the way," bud!

    In the mean time, in between time, kick back, whiistle a happy tune, and find a few faces....when your not marking fans of course! 😃 Cheers!