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Im sure there is a connection with these pictures?

  • trebor82 by trebor82

    Can anyone help? I have put these pictures together because I am certain that they are connected some how. Although the pics have different surfaces and terrain, but the same effect is happening. Those dark boarder-line-shapes appear in each photo. Can anyone see what i am talking about here or am i being ""obtuse" lol Has anyone got something to say about this? Its driving me round the bend.....


  • AUricle by AUricle

    Rob,'s easy to feel "round the bend" trying to grasp these, but the 'connection' between all these is just this; you are seeing cracks in the CO2 ice sheet at the south polar region. The cracks happen because the CO2 is 'melting'....sublimating really, from the bottom up. As this gas builds up between the ground and the ice layer, it moves around, creating the weird channels and 'veins' you've no doubt seen. When enough gas pressure builds up, weak spots in the ice allow it to move up through the ice until it finds hole ot escape into the atmosphere. As the gas escapes, it drags up surface dust with it. That dust colors the cracks and if wind is present the dust is carried in a 'fan' shape away from the vent or crack. If there is no wind, the dust settles in more of a blob shape which are tagged as 'blotches' here.