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'Google' Mars CloseView

  • MarsGazer by MarsGazer

    Not sure if it should be with google, or if that is even possible regarding rights of the pictures and such... but:

    I would realy like to see where a picture is take 'marseograficly' (if thats even a word) ... but like, seeing where the picture is take even roughly would put the picture into context with its surroundings.
    It would also enlarge the general understanding of what can be found where, and may lead to interesting discussions... I would personally also love to see peoples 'favorites' displayed in sort of the way streetview makes pics available from all over the earth... even a rudementary map where a picture is linked by a line to it's marseografic location would be nice enough 😃

    What do other people think? would it be worth to spend the time developing such a feature, should the scientist leave this to a party like google for example ?

    ps. left this out of the suggestions for now, just to have a bit of a discussion about this, if there are multiple people that would love to see something like this, i will put it in there 😃