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Unique images?

  • Mike_Edwards by Mike_Edwards

    Hi there,
    Quick question - are the images we get to check just checked by one person or do multiple people get the same image? - the reason I ask is that when using Firefox, the browser frequently crashes and I lose the image I was working on. Hope that is not messing your research up?
    Also, are we each given a certain patch to check or are thre images just randomly distributed?
    Many thanks


  • Chocstar by Chocstar

    mine just crashed as well half way through a busy blotchfield.


  • Mark_MDubbaYa_Williams by Mark_MDubbaYa_Williams

    I'm sure the images are checked by several people and redistributed, as I've had images pop up with hash-tags and discussions already on them when I have first seen them and for several other reasons. Hope that helps =)



  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist, translator

    Yes, multiple people look at the same image and mark fans. We will combine the results together to identify where the fans are. This is because combining the result of many non-experts can equal or even best an expert opinion. This is known as the Wisdom of the Crowd effect. You've probably seen it while watching a game show. When they ask the audience even for the most obscure questions, the majority answer with the correct answer.

    I'm sorry the site seems to be crashing in Firefox. I'll report this to our development team, and I'm sure they'll be able to fix the issue soon.