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Speckled terrain crashed the system

  • Noharrr by Noharrr

    I realize we are supposed to mark all the blotches, even if they are tiny and prolific. I just got my "worst ever nightmare" of hundreds and hundreds of pinhead-sized blotches -- got 2/3 of the way through, when the marking tool got sluggish, finally gagged, and crashed the image (AFTER ALL THAT WORK!!!!). I'm using a lesser-know privacy-enhanced browser called Vivaldi (GDPR-compliant, based out of Norway), and it has some charming quirks. When the image crashed, I got a wee logo of a dead bird (B&W graphic, not a photo).

    So the P4 system has a limit to the number of marks we can make. Because the image crashed before it was finished, I don't have a record of the Object catalogue number, and I don't know how many marks were on it when it crashed (the counter seems to have failed before the image)..


  • Kitharode by Kitharode moderator in response to Noharrr's comment.

    Hi. I'll try to get the tech team to look into this. Were you able to carry on marking new images after the crash?


  • Noharrr by Noharrr in response to Kitharode's comment.

    Yes -- I bailed out of the crashed image by opening a new tab, searching P4 and going in again on the new tab. And thanks for responding so quickly.


  • p.titchin by p.titchin

    Happens all the time on these images from the crater bottom in the seasonal ice with fractal plates and dozens of central vented blotches. P4's buffering seems to reach its limit around 40 or so clicks at normal marking rate. I slow down or stop altogether as soon as the tool starts to get sluggish, and let the system catch up, then proceed more slowly. Hope this helps.~pete


  • Noharrr by Noharrr in response to p.titchin's comment.

    Thanks -- I'll keep this in mind!


  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist, translator


    Sorry to hear you had trouble with the interface. Do the best you can with those images with lots of blotches or fans. We're slowly transitioning to the new Zooniverse platform so we won't get developer time to look into the issue and fix it in this older version of the Zooniverse platform. But we'll be moving sometime this year or next year to the new Zooniverse platform and that doesn't have the same issue according to the Zoonvierse team.