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How can I continue collecting images?

  • Noharrr by Noharrr

    I'm able to review previously collected images, but the "Collect This" box at upper left has vanished.

    I can't find it anywhere -- what am I missing? How can I add to my existing collections?

    And yes, there's been a gap in my participation at P4, but life on Earth occasionally intervenes.

    Thanks for helping sort this out.


  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist, translator in response to Noharrr's comment.


    Welcome back to Planet Four.

    The collect button works for me, move your move over the image. You do need to be logged in. If you log in from the page with the image you might need to refresh the browser for it to fully know you're logged in. I'm using firefox. What browser and operating system are you using? If you can tell me some detail, I should be able to get the development team to fix the bug.