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trying to help

  • Gingerbabs by Gingerbabs

    I have signed up with this project as I'm really keen to help. Have done quite a few screens so far but I am worried that I may miss something, or not do it correctly. There have been the odd ones that I have had to abandon due to carer pressures, and I wonder what happens to these? Do they just go back into the mix? Just don't want to do anything wrong! Also, is there a way of zooming in?


  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist, translator

    Welcome and thanks for being a part of Planet Four. There is no way to zoom into the images, we want you to mark the fans in the scale you see the images. So don't worry too much, just mark what you can see in the image as is. If you have clicked the finished button then it counts as a classification and your fans and blotches marked gets reported and recorded to our database. If you don't then it's not considered a classification. So if you have to start and stop for some reason and don't submit because you haven't finished it, someone else will be given the image. What we like to not happen is for your skip over the image and just hit the submit button because that effects our statistics because we have several people examining each image and we will combine the results to make the fan maps. A good place for beginners are our about page and our blog. I hope this helps.