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Missing Scale in/with pictures...

  • MarsGazer by MarsGazer

    It may be that i am new here and missed the info somewhere, but i would realy like to know the scale of the image i'm looking at. Features may look like a small stream, but with the right scale may turn into 'huge rivers', which in turn makes it much more reasonable to understand them as mountainridges ... or what may look like i simple boulder may be way more interesting as a feature if the thing is a couple of meters in diameter, esp. if there are no other such features in the whole picture ...

    So, if a scale is known for the pictures viewed, it may be good to include them....


  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist, translator in response to MarsGazer's comment.

    That's a good suggestion. We'll see if we can add that. If you have more suggestions or feature requests you can add them here.