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fans or shadows

  • ptierno by ptierno

    Hard to tell if these are just blotches with "shadow tails" or a combination of blotches and fans. I am late to the game so I apologize if this has already been discussed...


  • p.titchin by p.titchin

    vented deposits from subliming ice, loads in the blogs, and the 'start off' tutorials ptierno. good to see you on the boards,Keep discussing, so much on Mars to decipher. this image is a little atypical, as it comes from an area near the ice edge, and polygonal plates have formed, which you can see in pack ice on earth, and mud in drying lakes and reservoirs. and oddly, the vents are occurring in the middle of these plates, whereas normally, the CO2 vents through weak points on fracture lines and previous 'spider channels' formed by previous venting, or weaknesses around boulders lying within the ice. This is odd, and something I am trying to work on, as more of these images are cropping up from this area around 70 degrees latitude. Hope this helps, but- if not- plenty to think on!~pete