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Blackening around the ridges

  • guybarrett by guybarrett

    There is one fan top right, but all the other blackening around the ridges would not appear to be wind-blown. It seems evenly spread as if coming down from the ridges??


  • Portyankina by Portyankina scientist

    Right, dark dust around the what you call ridges (they are actually channels) is sign of general defrosting. We want to concentrate on active fans.


  • MGHogue by MGHogue

    This is a good example of "What do you want marked?" The fan is easy enough, but if I use the "blotch" tool to mark all the dust the system runs out of memory - and there would be literally hundreds of "blotches" (this is a mild example compared to some I've attempted to do). How about creating a tool (perhaps a "paintbrush" like) which would be 1 object, but which would indicate areas like these found around spider veins and for places where there are many small little vents. Might take care of some folks memory problems and might help increase accuracy since most users (including myself) aren't inclined to spend hours marking hundreds of vents on a single image - even if the computer could do it.


  • Craigr79 by Craigr79

    Are these channels raised from the surface as mars as they all seem to show light and shadow from the same light source which would suggest that they are raised. And going of the scale they seem like they will be quite high.