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  • p.titchin by p.titchin

    Large single boulders, and nests of boulders.Very odd.


  • Kitharode by Kitharode moderator in response to p.titchin's comment.

    Hi There. Very odd indeed as you say. I remember boulders taking centre stage some while back, but we never made much sense of them. We had a lot of fun, yes, and there were 'theories' aplenty but I don't think we made a 'proper' study of them.

    I've got a feeling that they have, in certain areas on Mars, an important role to play in all sorts of things, but I've no idea yet about the where/what/how situation. You might have found yourself a nice little niche here, if boulders are your thing.

    The little slide show on the left is really cool. Well done. Just so you know, from my end it took a while to come through and 'lumped up' the discussion. If you get started on boulders in a new thread then I'd leave as is here, but if you start your study on here you might want to consider just a couple or three images on the left. Might just be my location (slow broadband) or the site here, but thought it best you know.

    Definately need someone to make sense of the boulders.....but who might that be .. ?