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Strange...lights or CO2 ?

  • rowbumby by rowbumby

    At 1st the brain seen two eyes looking at me and then lights but could it just simply be little pockets of CO2 ice left over before it's totally gone for the summer.... ights.jpg?m Here is the image with auto adjust colours and again but zoomed in
    although it still looks like two eyes with a nose 😃


  • Kitharode by Kitharode moderator

    That's a martian red devil to be sure. Lots of 'rust' colour. The area to the right of, and below, the 'eyes' seems smoother than other background terrain. Interesting image...


  • JellyMonster by JellyMonster

    I think this shows it a little better...

    ![Ice] (


  • rowbumby by rowbumby in response to JellyMonster's comment.

    WOW yes,yes it does indeed,thank you 😃


  • AUricle by AUricle in response to JellyMonster's comment.

    Is this liquid CO2???
    enter image description here

    Nope it's a "JellyMonster"!


  • Paul_Johnson by Paul_Johnson

    A baffled scientist....? Impossible!


  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist, translator

    I think it could definitely be the case that this is an image at the end of the season and that the white bit is carbon dioxide ice left over in say a shadier spot where elsewhere the ice is gone. With Mar's atmosphere so thin and it's atmospheric pressure, you never get liquid carbon dioxide, if it's ice it will sublimate to gas. If it's gas it will freeze to ice. No liquid phase here, though maybe in big craters or cliffs it might be possible for liquid carbon dioxide if the pressure in the rock gets high enough.