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#volcano-like #spider #massive

  • eagiles by eagiles

    #volcano-like #spider #massive it is hard not to look at this as anything else other than a volcano, it would be interesting to see the topography of the, lots of confusing colours,


  • mars1gmorley by mars1gmorley

    This is interesting place the reason why is

    1. On mars is very hard to tunnel into the surface because lack of gravity
    2. However you will find a very large cavern within the spiders
    3. This will ensure that when the dust storms hit sometimes for days you will be safe
    4. Silica is great building material for glass domes and will be sufficient just enough for a dome construction


  • p.titchin by p.titchin

    I think this HiRise shot, which is as usual lit from lower right, is playing the optical illusion card again here. This is a lovely Mars spider with channels spreading from the cental chamber/hollow, in which dark deposits (ie, a "blotch") remain. The illusion of central mound is caused by the lighting from lower right (sub solar azimuth 34.1646 degrees.), where as our brains, put simply, are used to interpreting objects lit from above. ~pete