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Possible Boulders in the vent areas?


    I came across this image yesterday and would be interested in 2nd / 3rd opinions on some of the vent areas near top as to if there are boulders inside. difficult for me to asses "shadow" as the white dots are on dark areas. thx


  • p.titchin by p.titchin

    Hi HMB. Yes , Im sure that these are typical of the 'lumps' we see at ihe site of venting in Inca city. We do not know their makeup, but hash tag them as 'boulders'. As we are concentrating on images frpm Inca City at present, you will see these many times, Here is an image with lots of them, and you will notice that where they occur where venting has not as yet occurred, there is a clear shadow. ( as we have mentioned in chat before) APF0000028 ~Pete