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Symmetrical Pattern


    anyone else see symmetrical patter on right side ? fractures ? semi circular?


  • p.titchin by p.titchin in response to HMB6EQUJ5's comment.

    Hi Bill, we tag this 'linear venting, in this example it is occurring along the cracks of polygonal plates under the ice.As is often the case, if you look at the HiRISE views, you can see these occur over a large area. Here is another example- APF0000hw2 . You can often see polygonal plates on the defrosted views we see,e.g. APF0001ioq .Some of the most spectacular images occur when there is linear venting along a long fault, rather than the smaller plates, often at the 'exposed polar layered deposits'. Enjoy this one! APF0000pz0 😃 ~ Pete