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    • HiRise Images

      Images from the HiRise library. These large area images are where the smaller images you are tasked with marking come from. Looking at them can help to put what you've seen into context. There is much to see from HiRise so to keep it relevant to this forum please restrict the images posted to South Polar ones, say latitudes of around -70 down.

    • Planet Four: Craters

      Planet Four: Craters is a citizen science project designed to help planetary scientists identify and measure features on the surface of Mars. This survey aims to determine the number of craters on the Martian surface at different scales and resolutions. By counting the craters we will be able to figure out how old various geological surfaces are! This will be a big help for the 2016 NASA InSight mission, which will use geophysical techniques such as seismology and heat flow to figure out how Mars has evolved. Knowing the age of the surface will help us to put a time-scale on that evolution.

    • Citizen Science

      Discuss your ideas and theories about the objects with other citizen scientists

    • The Objects

      Science discussions about individual objects in here

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    • HiRise Images

      This is a place to post and discuss anything you discover on the HiRise images that you find interesting but which isn't from the polar regions or is otherwise off the main topic of the main boards

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      A place to say hello to your fellow Martians

    • Just Chatting

      Welcome to Planet Four!

    • The Objects

      Chat discussions about individual objects in here